About us

Employment and Tourism Agency

ETC-PGA Office

The Agency introduces a new friendly approach to the new tourism and employment market.
The agency in the line of execution of its activities aims at achieving operational challenges, practices and the extension of tourism alternatives, promoting and developing legal employment policies within and outside Albania by introducing and offering a safe and acceptable service..

"PREMIUM GROUP" consists of highly experienced and highly skilled staffed personal in the areas where its activity in such a sector has been expanding over time.

The head office and its branches operate in full partnership with domestic and foreign actors in the field of interest..
During these years the activity, the results obtained from the tourist offers presented to the general public as well as the cooperation agreements signed for employment at the local, international level began promoting the further promotion of new alternatives by creating a reliable, harassing platform and fascinating.

Our objective:

"Help you find a job quickly and easily."
We offer a wide range of employment opportunities in and out of Albania, according to our internal policies, in accordance with the laws, the agreement between the parties and according to the labor market demand..

Working Hours:

  • 08am - 16pm

Maksi Gërbi (CEO)

+355 69 297 3545

Erida Marini

Executive Assistant